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The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage: After the Event

Learn More About FamilyLife – We hope you have been encouraged by attending your local The Art of Marriage event and are delighted in your discovery of God’s design for your marriage. Now that the event is over we want to further support your journey in faith and growth in marriage by encouraging you to visit FamilyLife.com for additional resources that will help you to continue to build upon your experience.

Revisit The Art of Marriage – We also realize we covered a lot of material during your event and some of it might have been new to you, so we encourage you to revisit The Art of Marriage by viewing the video sessions again. Click the link and complete the form, and we will provide access to the six sessions again.

Host Survey for Guests – If you are an event host and want to learn from your guests about their experience attending your event, print this survey to use at the conclusion of your event.

Complete Our Survey – Last but not least, we want to learn from hosts and guests about your experience with The Art of Marriage. Please take a moment and complete our short survey. Your responses will allow us to understand what you felt worked and what didn’t so that we can better support your growth and the growth of others in the future through The Art of Marriage. For your time and valuable feedback we will gift you with helpful prayer cards that you can use as a reference when praying for those most important in your life.

What’s Next – Check out the Small Group Options tab for suggestions that will continue to build on what you have just experienced.